Voting is one tool we have to help us build a democracy that centers our needs and our voices.

Voting is one way to make a difference in our lives and communities and reimagine a future that works for domestic workers, caregivers, women of color, and immigrants.

Here’s how it works: Congress decides everything from how much money goes towards Medicare, how schools are funded, and how much you pay in taxes. The President is in charge of the armed forces, and picks Supreme Court judges that decide on key issues like abortion or healthcare expansion. And local elected officials — from city council to school board members — determine our quality of life where we live. These decisions, made by people we elect into office, affect our communities, our families, and our future.

Elections are when WE CHOOSE the people who make huge decisions that affect our lives.

Everyone can play their part.

Even if you can’t vote, the policy decisions elected officials make still affect you. Getting involved doesn’t always mean casting a ballot at the polls — you can make an enormous impact by supporting your community and other eligible voters who will vote with your interests in mind.

Remind your friends and family to check their registration status. Then, help them register to vote. And remember: the physical act of voting is just one tool to reimagine the future.

Showing up for your community, helping to protect the right to vote, and talking to voters about the issues that affect your life will help us build a democracy that cares for all.

Get vote ready and make a plan to vote in the next election.

National Domestic Workers Alliance does not endorse, support or oppose candidates for public office.