An inclusive and equitable national recovery plan must also include dignity, safety and security for the millions of immigrant essential workers like domestic workers who are performing jobs to keep our country running — in times of stability and crisis.

As part of our country’s economic recovery, immigrant workers should be provided a path to citizenship.

A pathway to citizenship for essential workers would provide immigrant domestic workers with increased economic security and workplace dignity. In addition, it would provide domestic workers with the security to ensure their rights are respected, they are paid fairly, and have meaningful access to justice if they face labor abuses. Workplace violations are pervasive and systemic across domestic work occupations, compounded by the stark power imbalance between workers and employers and the fear of termination or other retaliation. Immigrant domestic workers are even more easily exploited by employers. Domestic workers are often afraid to even complain about unpaid wages or substandard working conditions for fear that their employer could take action that leads to their detention or removal.

As part of the fight for a system that treats people with dignity and respect, NDWA has joined We Are Home – a nationwide campaign that fights to transform our country’s inhumane immigration system and ensure that “we the people” truly includes everyone.

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