On June 24, over 5000 workers and immigrants will converge on the Capitol in Washington D.C. to tell the nation that we need recovery for ALL OF US because #WeCantWait.

Marchers representing a diverse and powerful group of coalitions will come together to raise awareness of the urgent needs of immigrants and excluded workers. Together, we’re uniting our voices to show the nation that:

  • CITIZENSHIP can’t wait – we need a path to citizenship for all 11 million immigrants in the US, including an expedited path for Essential Workers, DACA, and TPS holders NOW.
  • CARE can’t wait – we need an investment in care workers – our country’s workers and economy depend on the people who care for our children, our elderly, and our sick. They deserve dignity, respect, and a fair wage. We also need to take steps to make health care accessible to everyone by expanding medicare eligibility and ensuring drug companies aren’t holding our communities hostage.
  • JOBS can’t wait – we can’t build back better at $7/hour. We need a real investment in good, union jobs that will support our families and communities and a renewed commitment to unemployment insurance to bridge the gap for workers who were displaced during the pandemic.
  • CLIMATE JUSTICE can’t wait – we need bold investment in green infrastructure to drastically reduce dependence on fossil fuels and create good paying green, union jobs.
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