Nannies, housecleaners, and home care workers face a unique challenge: they often work in isolation, behind closed doors, and in their employers’ homes.

Because of this, domestic work remains some of the least protected work in our society; essential workers experiencing unsafe and uncertain conditions and sexual harassment and exploitation are often the rule rather the exception.

The pandemic has shown how essential care is to keeping our society going and how challenging it is for domestic workers to work with dignity and respect. It also made clear that it is beyond time for a national domestic workers bill of rights.

National Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

This month, we’re ramping up our campaign to pass a National Domestic Workers Bill of Rights to correct these injustices. If passed, this long overdue legislation would ensure rights and benefits for all domestic workers across the country.

Join the movement: sign the petition in support of a national domestic worker bill of rights.

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State and Local Campaigns

The relentless leadership of domestic workers has pushed 10 states, 2 major cities, and the District of Columbia to pass domestic workers bills of rights or protections. Wwe continue to push for bills of rights in more states and cities as well as federal recognition and protection for domestic workers, we want to take a moment to celebrate our victories to date, highlight our current campaigns and thank the domestic worker leaders, elected officials and fearless supporters who’ve gotten us this far: