National Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

The National Domestic Workers Bill of Rights ensures domestic workers have respect, dignity, and recognition by:

  • Including domestic workers in common workplace rights and protections: paid overtime, safe and healthy working conditions, meal and rest breaks, earned sick time, and freedom from workplace harassment
  • Creating new protections and addressing the unique challenges of domestic work: written agreements, fair scheduling, support for survivors of sexual harassment, and a domestic workers standards board
  • Ensuring that rights aren’t just on paper: Know-your-rights information, partnerships with community-based organizations, and provisions to protect against retaliation

State and Local Campaigns

New Jersey Bill of Rights

State Campaign

The New Jersey Domestic Workers Bill of Rights would include basic legal rights for New Jersey's 50,000 domestic workers, many of whom are experiencing wage theft, denial of breaks, and lack of sick leave.

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How You Can Take Action

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Sign the petition to fight for dignity and respect with New Jersey's domestic workers.

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