Recap of Our Impact in 2021
Recap of Our Impact in 2021

Recap of Our Impact in 2021
Recap of Our Impact in 2021

A note of thanks as we enter 2022

2021 was a year of telling our stories, a year of organizing, and most importantly, a year where we saw the care revolution grow.

Together with supporters like you, we worked tirelessly and we are now one major step closer to an economy that values caregivers, care workers, individuals and families who need care and support — all of us.

In 2021, our communities were still struggling with the impacts of the pandemic. Despite this, domestic workers, with your support, accomplished so much.

Together, we:

  • won new protections for domestic workers in New Mexico, New York, and Virginia.
  • won a seat at the table for workers in establishing health and safety standards in Harris County, Texas and the State of California.
  • won higher wages for direct care workers in the entire state of North Carolina.
  • launched We Make History to connect the powerful legacy of domestic worker organizing to our fights today.
  • re-introduced the National Domestic Workers Bill of Rights and kicked off campaigns to expand domestic workers rights in New Jersey, DC, and Seattle.
  • won the Access to Paid Sick Leave Ordinance in San Francisco, which will ensure that domestic workers will be able to take sick leave when they need it to care for themselves or a loved one.
  • pushed for historic investments in caregiving — home care and home care workers, as well as lasting protections and benefits for immigrants through the Build Back Better bill.

We have A LOT to do in 2022, but our focus for the year is clear — organize and win. We are energized and ready — in huge part because of supporters like you — and we look forward to working together as one, unified movement in new, transformative ways.

This is our time. While it is not going to be easy on any front, it is our moment to make history for domestic workers and make real progress toward our mission. And we feel confident that, together with you, we can meet the moment.