This report revealed the continued exploitation, safety hazards, and insecurity felt by Black immigrant domestic workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Entitled “The Other Side of the Storm,” the report found that the pandemic exposed already vulnerable workers to new dangers while perpetuating the mistreatment and lack of standards experienced by domestic workers before the pandemic began. ‘The Other Side of the Storm’ also shares what Black immigrant domestic workers want and need to feel supported in their lives and careers and calls for Congress to pass a National Domestic Workers Bill of Rights as a solution to fortify our care infrastructure and economy,  while providing relief to this workforce during the  ongoing COVID-19 crisis. 

‘The Other Side of the Storm’ is a follow-up to NDWA’s initial ‘Notes from the Storm’ report, which examined the experiences of Black immigrant domestic workers in Miami, New York, and Massachusetts just as the pandemic hit in 2020.  ‘The Other Side of the Storm’ returned to these regions in 2021 and features data and anecdotes from surveys, focus groups, and interviews of more than 1,000 respondents.

The Other Side of the Storm