Domestic Workers Economic Situation Report · May 2022

Source: La Alianza surveys, NDWA Labs
Released: June 7, 2022

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ May Jobs Report shows the number of jobs added in May was above market expectations.1 Unemployment rates for Latina and Black women increased in May 2022.

Similarly, NDWA Labs’ May Report shows that the percentage of jobless domestic worker respondents increased to 21%. Joblessness for domestic worker respondents was 19% in April and 20% in March. May joblessness represents more than double the 9% who reported having no jobs before COVID-19.2

Domestic workers are the nannies, homecare workers, and house cleaners whose work is essential to our economy, and yet they are one of the most vulnerable and marginalized groups of workers. Even before COVID-19, domestic workers earned less than the average US worker and were three times as likely to be living in poverty.3

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