Ask your friends and family if they’re going to vote.

Right now — you can triple votes by texting 3 friends and family and asking if they’re going to vote. Or calling. Or Emailing. Or sending an SMS. Or sending a WhatsApp message. Or tagging them on social media.

Asking your friends and family if they’re going to vote is the best way to increase voter turnout because if you know that your close friends and family are voting and if those people follow up with you about your plans to vote, you are far more likely to actually cast a ballot than if you receive a call from a volunteer or even a knock at the door from a canvasser.

That’s because we’re ‘trusted messengers’ for our friends and family. They’re not going to ignore us, screen our calls, or lie to us (we hope!). And just like eating healthy, the more social pressure we put on them, the more likely they are to vote.

There is too much at stake to leave any votes on the table: choose 3 people, and ask them right now if they’re going to vote.

What else can you do?

Contribute to a safe and fair election and become a poll worker. This is one of the best ways to keep polling locations open and working, allowing for social distancing and quick voting for those who are voting in person.

Volunteer with Election Protection and help ensure voting goes smoothly. There are plenty of ways to get involved. You can learn how voter suppression shows up and call it out when you see it, or you can watch social media for disinformation. You can also connect with voters to help them learn their rights or navigate the voting process and cast their ballot securely and safely.

National Domestic Workers Alliance does not endorse, support or oppose candidates for public office.