Domestic Workers Bill of Rights
Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

Summer Road Trip Across America

Road Trip Across America


New York

NDWA Virtual Road Trip for the Fed Bill of Rights: New York

First virtual bus tour stop, New York City! 🍎🚍

NY holds a special place in our work, as it was the first state to adopt a #DomesticWorkersBillofRights in 2010 and serves as a prime example for other states and cities to follow suit.

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NDWA Virtual Road Trip for the Fed Bill of Rights: Hawaii Stop

Next stop, Hawaii 🚍

Following in the footsteps of New York to protect the rights of care workers, Hawaii became the second state to pass a #DomesticWorkersBillofRights in July 2013

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Summer Road Trip California

Moving along to sunny California ☀️🚍

California enacted a #DomesticWorkersBillofRights in 2013 to extend overtime pay rights to care workers who weren’t previously included. In 2016, our coalition studied the impacts and needs that overtime requirements had on workers. Take action for care in California today by joining @cadomesticworkers for a rally in Sacramento on 8/29 or taking action virtually!

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Summer Roadtrip Massachusetts

Next stop….Massachusetts! 🚍

In 2014, Massachusetts became the third state to establish a #DomesticWorkersBillofRights. The Domestic Workers’ Protection Act extended work and labor protections to approximately 67,000 workers in the Commonwealth.

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Oregon passed a #DomesticWorkersBillofRights in June 2015 🌲🚍.

The law amended its labor law to require employers to pay overtime and provide protections against harrassment in the workplace based on race, gender, sexual orientation, national orgin or religion.

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Connecticut care workers, where you at?! 🍂🚍

In July 2015, Connecticut enacted a #DomesticWorkersBillofRights. Their Bill of Rights provides discrimination and harassment protections at companies that employ three or more domestic workers and it also gives protection on minimum wage, overtime pay, and paid leave.

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Illinois | NDWA Virtual Road Trip Across America

It’s time we revisit the windy city of Chicago 🌬🚍

Passed in 2016 and taken into effect in 2017, the Illinois #DomesticWorkersBillofRights amended four existing state employment laws which affected a whopping 35,000 employees statewide!

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Nevada | NDWA Virtual Fall Road Trip Across America

Next stop…Nevada! 🏜🚍

The silver state enacted a #DomesticWorkersBillofRights in 2018. In addition to adding protections for wages and overtime, their BoR required employers to provide a language-accessible written agreement.

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Seattle - Fall Roadtrip

Summer is gone but we’re still on the road! Next stop, Seattle! 🌲🚌

The Seattle #DomesticWorkersBillofRights took effect on July 1, 2019 and ended the exclusion of domestic workers from basic labor standards regardless if they were employed by an agency or a family.

It also strengthened anti-retaliation protections for domestic workers’ rights and established a Domestic Workers Standard Board which requires City Council to to act on the boards’ recommendations within 120 days.

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Virginia Fall Roadtrip

All 👀s are on Virginia on #ElectionDay and we’re on the ground getting out the vote🗳️🚍!

Tell a domestic worker to tell a domestic worker: VA’s #DomesticWorkersBillofRights passed in 2019 and 2020 and showing up to vote today is critical to ensure our voices continue to be heard. Polls are open now until 7pm. If you have any issues voting, contact the Voter Protection Hotline at 866-OURVOTE (English) or 888-VE-Y-VOTA (Spanish). Tap the 🔗 in our bio to find your polling location.

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Philadelphia Fall Roadtrip

Philadelphia! 📍🚍

Philly’s #DomesticWorkerBillofRights was passed in 2020 and included labor protections, meal and rest breaks, paid time off, advance notice of termination, protection from discrimination and harassment, and the right to a written employment contract.

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