Our Work
Our Work

At NDWA, we bring our vision to life by building power that unites us rather than divides us. We employ five main strategies to transform the domestic work sector:

We organize 
domestic workers and develop leaders

NDWA is the home for domestic workers, giving them a space to share information, build skills with training and resources, access benefits, get support, and organize to win rights.

  • membership
  • domestic workers
  • organizing
  • leadership programs
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We develop policy solutions

We develop new policies and we mobilize domestic workers, supporters and partners to organize and advocate for solutions that will improve working conditions and economic security for domestic workers and beyond.

  • advocacy
  • policy
  • economy
  • labor standards
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Changing the Story

We change the story

We leverage the power of popular culture to shift key narratives and elevate character-driven stories of domestic workers by partnering with artists and storytellers.

  • culture change
  • paradigm shift
  • narrative change
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We innovate solutions

We innovate solutions

NDWA Labs is the innovation arm of NDWA and uses technology to find new ways to make work better for domestic workers.

  • ndwa labs
  • technology
  • innovation
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Mobilizing Voters

We mobilize voters

Voting is one way to reimagine a future that allows us all to live with dignity, safety, and respect. We work to educate and engage underrepresented women of color voters because we know that when women of color vote, we build a better world.

  • civic engagement
  • voter rights
  • voter education
  • gotv
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