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Statement from the National Domestic Workers Alliance on U.S. Decision to Allow Nearly 500,000 Venezuelan Migrants to Work Legally

“In a historic move announced late Wednesday, the Biden-Harris Administration has extended a lifeline to nearly 500,000 Venezuelan migrants who have sought refuge on American soil during the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. This decision grants these individuals the invaluable opportunity to live without the constant fear of deportation and, critically, obtain work authorization, allowing them to participate in our nation’s workforce.

We applaud the Biden-Harris Administration for its decision and remain hopeful that this is just one of many steps toward ensuring that immigrants not only live free from the constant threat of deportation and retaliation but are also afforded an opportunity to keep their families cared for and safe.

Within the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA), the significance of this decision resonates deeply as it directly impacts a substantial portion of the domestic workforce. Many domestic workers – the women of color and immigrant women who are the heart of our economy – intimately understand what it means to embark on perilous journeys in pursuit of safety and opportunities to provide for their loved ones. They’ve proudly embraced roles as house cleaners, nannies, and care workers, the work that makes all other work possible. Yet, the constant threat of deportation has cast a dark shadow over their lives, subjecting them to abuse, exploitation, and retaliation rooted in their immigration status.

The re-designation of TPS for Venezuela is a significant decision that prevents the deportation of Venezuelan families to political and economic instability while granting hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans access to work authorization. This decision by the Biden-Harris Administration is a testament to the power of advocates across the country who tirelessly championed this cause and a recognition of TPS’s vital role in strengthening communities and our nation.

As we celebrate this historic announcement, we commit to continuing our work to advocate for and safeguard those in need of protection, not only from Venezuela but from countries facing similar humanitarian crises. We also advocate for the expansion of legal pathways for safe migration, ensuring that those who come seeking refuge can do so without fear or uncertainty.

In the world we envision, immigrants find a safe haven where their contributions are celebrated and their hopes for a better future are nurtured. Together, we can build this caring future for all, and this week’s decision is a significant step in that direction.

These 470,000 newly protected Venezuelans, who previously had no clear pathway to lawful employment, now have the chance to rebuild their lives and contribute fully to the cities and communities that have welcomed them.”

National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA)
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