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Harris County Issues Resolution on Dorothy Bolden, Honoring Domestic Workers Movement’s Past and Present

NDWA’s We Dream in Black (WeDiB) Houston Chapter joined Precinct 4 Commissioner Lesley Briones at the resolution ceremony.

NDWA’s WeDiB Houston Chapter accepts the resolution honoring Dorothy Bolden and NDWA. 

HOUSTON – On Tuesday, February 27, the National Domestic Workers Alliance’s (NDWA) We Dream in Black (WeDiB) Houston Chapter accepted a resolution from Harris County, Texas, honoring Dorothy Bolden, the pioneer of the domestic workers movement, and NDWA for their commitment to securing social and economic rights for domestic workers. The resolution is a tribute to the indomitable spirit and groundbreaking work of Dorothy Bolden, whose life’s work has been pivotal in advancing the rights of domestic workers across the United States. The ceremony at the Commissioners Court saw a significant gathering of NDWA members and allies.

“Dorothy Bolden’s legacy is not just a chapter in history; it is a living, breathing movement towards justice and equity in the labor force,” Letty Ortega, Texas Enforcement Organizer at the National Domestic Workers Alliance, said, emphasizing the intertwined narrative of civil rights and labor rights that Bolden championed. “This resolution not only celebrates Bolden’s monumental contributions to the labor movement but also urges us to persist in our advocacy in recognizing the enduring value of every domestic worker’s work, aspirations, and impact in our communities. This resolution is a call to action, reminding us that our work is far from finished. We stand on the shoulders of giants like Dorothy Bolden, striving for a world where every domestic worker is valued, recognized, and respected with the dignity they deserve.”  

The resolution comes from a collaborative effort between NDWA and the office of Precinct 4 Commissioner Lesley Briones. Speaking at the event, Commissioner Briones praised Bolden’s resilience and foresight in organizing domestic workers when their work was undervalued and their voices marginalized. “Through her fearless advocacy and unwavering commitment, Dorothy Bolden helped to elevate the work of domestic workers from invisibility to recognition, setting a precedent for labor rights movements everywhere,” said Commissioner Briones.

The event commemorated Bolden’s contributions and allowed NDWA to outline their ongoing initiatives to secure better working conditions, fair wages, and legal protections for domestic workers. 

Dorothy Bolden, who began her activism in the 1960s, is remembered for her innovative approach to organizing domestic workers, often meeting them on bus routes to and from their places of employment. Her efforts led to the founding of the National Domestic Workers Union of America, marking a significant milestone in the fight for labor rights. Bolden’s work extended beyond labor organizing to encompass voter registration drives and political advocacy, reflecting her holistic approach to social change.


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