About the NDWA DMV Chapter

The NDWA Washington DC-Virginia-Maryland (DMV) Chapter organizes domestic workers for better wages and improved working conditions. We also play a lead role in local coalitions to win rights, recognition and safety for all low-wage workers. Up until 2022, domestic workers were the ONLY group of workers excluded from basic human rights protections in Washington DC. In 2022, we won the DC Domestic Workers Bill of Rights for DC. We also played a lead role in winning the Virginia Domestic Workers Bill of Rights — the first Domestic Worker Bill of Rights in the South!

Our multilingual membership meetings and leadership development trainings are spaces for domestic workers to build community and deepen skills to lead in our organization, our community and our domestic worker movement.

If you’re a nanny, housecleaner or homecare worker in the DMV, we invite you to join us!

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Are you a nanny, caregiver, or housecleaner in Washington DC, Virginia or Maryland who believes you deserve dignity and respect on the job? Join our community!

More from Our Chapter

DC Bill of Rights

The DC Domestic Workers Bill of Rights provides domestic workers with basic legal rights.

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Our Campaign Journey

See our campaign journey for winning the DC Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

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Stories from DC Members

Read stories from DC domestic workers here.

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It’s time to support the hidden workers who keep the 1 percent running

This article highlights how domestic workers in Washington D.C., primarily women of color and often immigrants, have faced mistreatment and lack of essential rights due to a lack of contracts and regulations, with a historical basis in racism. The passage of a domestic workers bill of rights, providing basic employment protections, is advancing in the D.C. Council to address these issues and recognize the importance of these workers.

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