Congress is busy negotiating the ins and outs of the Build Back Better plan. We need to ensure that this historic investment in working class people passes, and that it includes permanent protections for all immigrants.

Your Congressperson needs to hear from you TODAY. Making a call only takes two minutes but will go a long way in letting our elected officials know that we are a strong, powerful movement and that we will keep fighting until this bill is passed.

When you call, whether you reach a live person or have to leave a message, introduce yourself. Then, say:

“I am calling to urge my member of Congress to vote in favor of the Build Back Better bill, and to make sure it includes permanent protections for immigrants. Immigrants keep our economy running and they need and deserve lasting protections.”

Call 1-855-674-8044

This is about fixing our immigration system and about moving our economy forward.

Immigrants boost our economy and are among the millions of essential workers who have kept America running during a once-in-a-generation health and economic crisis. Giving them permanent protections would grow our economy, create new jobs, and raise the wages of the average American worker.

Take action today, and urge your Congress person to pass the Build Back Better plan and to finally deliver lasting protections for millions of undocumented workers.

Call 1-855-674-8044