Embolden Magazine

The mission of NDWA is simple: to create a world where domestic workers can live and work with the dignity and respect they deserve. It is a simple mission, but the path forward does not come without its challenges.

Domestic workers exist at the intersection of many of our society’s oppressions; a tangled snarl of race, gender, class, and labor. Tugging on one thread without understanding how it pulls on another further entrenches inequality and delays justice. Our goal in launching Embolden Magazine is to illuminate those threads–to bring workers, writers, artists, and thinkers together to help us better understand the problems we face as a society lacking care and a labor movement led by women of color. But more than that, we seek to empower domestic workers – the Black, brown, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, immigrant, and LGBTQia+ individuals who dedicate their lives to the action and value of care.

Embolden is a publication built for our collective effort. These pages are a landing pad for the voices of domestic workers, where they can share their stories and professional expertise in their words. Our intention is to allow for a space where art and writing can nourish our hope and fuel our determination as we shed light on the core of the problems that affect us all so we can work together to unravel the centuries-old knots and unlock the future of equity.

Embolden is our dream space for the future – and we’re making it a reality. Join us.