TAKE ACTION: Don't Cut Care Workers
TAKE ACTION: Don't Cut Care Workers

TAKE ACTION: Don't Cut Care Workers
TAKE ACTION: Don't Cut Care Workers


Congress recently made a historic move to lift up millions of care workers who are the heart of our economy, with a $3.5 trillion budget proposal that includes a transformational investment in care workers. With this budget, Congress has shown their support for President Biden’s original infrastructure blueprint, which included a $400 billion investment in home and community-based services (HCBS). Our elected officials are joining the care movement — now, we need them to go all the way.

We’re not in the clear — for Congress to seize this once-in-a-generation opportunity to create a care economy that benefits all workers, we need to make sure the largest investment in Medicaid and HCBS is included in the final budget.

Write to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer today and urge him not to cut care workers from the final budget package.

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To create good jobs for care workers and ensure that our loved ones have the services they need to live with dignity, we need Congress to keep Biden’s full $400 billion commitment to care — the largest possible amount — in the final budget.

More Ways to Take Action

  • Call Your Senators: Tell your Senators to support the #CareIsEssential campaign. CALL 1-855-674-8044
  • Support Our Campaign: Help us win the #CareIsEssential campaign. DONATE TODAY!
  • Spread the Word: Like and share our #CareIsEssential posts on Twitter.


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Care workers joined together in demanding protection and a voice in labor decisions. Domestic work is infrastructure — and #CareCantWait.

Glenora has been a domestic worker for more than 20 years. She’s proud of the value of her work, and that’s why she fights for fair wages and benefits for all domestic workers. #IAmADomesticWorker

Our voices are stronger as one. To everyone who spoke, marched, and showed up to our Day of Action this month — thank you. Together, we will build a future that centers care. #CareCantWait

We need Congress to pass an infrastructure bill that makes meaningful investments in jobs, climate, and care — and we need them to stay in session until it’s done. Join @DaBabyDaBaby, @Saweetie, @MavisStaples, and more Aug 13 in Philly for #CantWaitLIVE: http://cantwait.live

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