A recent Huffington Post article reports that the proposed $400 billion plan to strengthen support for home and community-based services (HCBS) could be cut IN HALF.

We can’t let this happen.

The U.S. Energy and Commerce Committee will meet Monday to discuss the budget reconciliation bill. Committee Chair Rep. Frank Pallone needs to hear from all of us TODAY. Keeping the pressure on is the ONLY way to ensure care services get the funding they need.

CALL 1-844-338-5133

Take action today — even if you’ve already called before — and urge Rep. Pallone to ensure the reconciliation bill includes a $400 billion investment in home and community-based services (HCBS).

The investment would raise wages for care workers — most of whom are women of color — to ensure they’re able to build financial security for themselves and their families and will strengthen our care infrastructure by:

  • creating an estimated 1.1 million new jobs each year over the next decade,
  • including nearly 800,000 care jobs, and
  • ensuring a true, equitable economic recovery for all.

Making a call takes two minutes but has a HUGE impact. When you call, introduce yourself. Then, say:

“I am calling to urge Rep. Pallone to support the $400 billion investment in home and community-based services in the budget reconciliation bill. Everyone who needs care should be able to get it, and home care workers need higher wages.”

Take action TODAY and urge Rep. Pallone to deliver a reconciliation package with a $400 billion investment in HCBS.

CALL 1-844-338-5133