At NDWA we firmly believe that those who care for our loved ones also deserve to be cared for. We also believe that care must be at the center of our economy in order to move our country forward.

That’s why we’ve partnered with SEIU to create the #CareIsEssential campaign, which calls for care workers to at long last be respected, protected, and paid for the essential work they do every single day.

To date, domestic workers and supporters like you all around the country have pushed with everything we’ve got. We’ve delivered thousands of petition signatures and letters and made thousands of phone calls to members of Congress to let them know that #CareIsEssential and #CareCantWait.

The fight isn’t over yet. From May to July, home care workers are declaring that ‘Care Is Essential’ and are convening with electeds, consumers of care, families, and allies for a series of town halls across the country. Home care workers have an opportunity to make their voices heard, represent their communities and continue their fierce demands for: a $400 billion investment in home and community-based services, and good, family sustaining union jobs in the American Jobs and Families Plan. They’re also demanding a pathway to citizenship to create a pipeline of qualified care providers needed to address the rising demand for home care. To date, we’ve already completed events in Minnesota, Nevada, and North Carolina.


  • Thursday 6/17: Senator King, Maine; Senator Murkowski, Alaska
  • Friday 6/25: Senator Padilla, California
  • Monday 6/28: Senator Wyden, Oregon, Senator Brown, Ohio
  • Friday 7/2: Representative Mrvan, Indiana
  • Wednesday 7/7: Representative Bush, Missouri