On Monday, January 31, NDWA, partner organizations, and elected officials hosted a press call to launch Virtual Weeks of Action to demand Congress pass a pathway to citizenship as part of the #BuildBackBetter Act. Speakers, including NDWA domestic worker leaders, shared personal stories that highlight why Congress needs to pass the Build Back Better Act WITH citizenship as part of a truly just recovery.
During the Virtual Weeks of Action, we will be ramping up the pressure on the White House and the Senate to tell them they cannot give up on the transformative agenda in the Build Back Better Act, including a path to citizenship. We are calling on the Senate to pass a budget reconciliation bill that includes an update to the “registry date” in immigration law, which would provide citizenship to millions of longtime immigrants who have put down roots here, who live and work in our communities, and who call this country home.
Join the action! Add your voice on Wednesday, February 2nd by calling your Senators and demanding that they pass the Build Back Better Act with a path to citizenship NOW. To call your Senators, dial 1-855-678-4150 anytime during east coast business hours on Wednesday. Whether someone picks up or you leave a voice message, here’s all you have to say:

«I am calling to tell my Senator to pass the Build Back Better Act with a path to citizenship for immigrant communities NOW.”

You will hear a recording with instructions and then be connected to your Senator’s office.”
Call 1-855-678-4150