We’re coming off a POWERFUL week of action and calling our Senators again to tell them they MUST pass the Build Back Better Act with an investment in care. Will you add your voice?

If we want to win this thing, then we have to keep the pressure on the Senate. Call your Senator TODAY — it only takes a few minutes — and urge them to vote for the Build Back Better Bill. When you call, whether someone picks up or you have to leave a message, all you have to say is:

«I am calling to ask my Senator to vote for the Build Back Better bill, including full funding for home and community-based services. Home care workers keep the economy and our communities strong.»

CALL 1-844-338-5133

We are working day and night to reimagine and rebuild society, with the goal of normalizing a caring economy built on dignity and respect for all workers. And though Congress continues to sit on a historic investment in care that will lift up working people of color who power our economy and our families, we are not discouraged.

This is a marathon, not a sprint.

We have to keep the pressure on the Senate to make the choice to build a strong foundation for us to recover and finally create an economy that can support the needs of all in our country. Stand with us by calling your Senators today. 

CALL 1-844-338-5133

We need you to call even if you’ve called before. Hearing from constituents like you really makes a difference.

We will win this, together.