We’re expecting the Connecticut State Legislature to vote on SB 943 TODAY, so it’s really important that we get as many people as we can to reach out to state legislators this morning. SB 943 will help to ensure that nannies, house cleaners, and home care workers are taking home the minimum wage to which they are entitled by law. Will you add your voice and send an email urging state legislators to ‘Vote YES on SB 943’?


Domestic workers are the people who care for our loved ones and our homes. Because of changes in federal law in 2013, domestic workers have the right to earn the Connecticut minimum wage and overtime. However, many employees and employers are unaware of these changes.

SB 943 will establish a training program through the Connecticut Department of Labor (DOL) to:

  • Inform workers and employers about the existing labor laws that apply to them.
  • Ensure that employees take home the wages to which they are entitled by law.
  • Partner with non-profit organizations to inform workers and employers about existing labor laws.

There are more than 42,000 domestic workers in Connecticut. Mostly women, these essential workers are routinely paid poverty wages, which causes hardship for their children and families. SB 943 is necessary to ensure that these women bring home the wages to which they are entitled by law. Email the state legislature today and urge them to support SB 943.