There are only a few days left in the New York Legislative Session and we are pushing hard to gain a historic win for domestic workers — to pass S5064 and A8007 in the state legislature so that we can ensure domestic workers are fully included in all the anti-discrimination protections under New York State Human Rights Law.

Can you raise your voice today — even if you’ve already take action before? There are three things that you can do that will only take ten minutes total, but would make a world of difference in helping ensure domestic workers get the rights they deserve.

  • Call Speaker Heastie’s office at 518-455-3791 to express your support of S5064.
  • Call Assembly Majority Leader Chrystal Peoples-Stokes 518-455-5005 to express your support of S5064.
  • Send a tweet (or two!) and help spread the word. Make sure you use #ISupportDomesticWorkerRights #DomesticWorkersRights in your tweets. We’ve already written a few to get you started. Just click this link, enter your name and zip code so that we know for sure you live in New York, and then you’ll be able to tweet in support of this important legislation.

Now, it is time for the New York Assembly to FINALLY give domestic workers equal rights to all other workers under human rights law!

Take ten minutes today and take action on behalf of domestic workers in our state.

Learn more about our NYC Care Campaign and get involved today!

Thanks for all that you do,

Marrisa Senteno
New York Co-Director, National Domestic Workers Alliance