On December 6th, voters in Georgia will return to the ballot box to vote in a Senate runoff election.

Georgia Voters JUST turned out in historic numbers for the general election, and most never planned to have a side serving of election with their Thanksgiving turkey.

The tough reality is that even though our team is exhausted, it’s going to take ANOTHER massive organizing and outreach effort to keep voters engaged and get them back to the polls to vote in just 27 days.

But this election is too important to sit on the sidelines, that’s why we’re turning on a dime to meet this moment and do all we can to increase turnout.

Can you rush an urgent donation today to help us launch an unprecedented voter turnout program in Georgia leading up to the run-off on December 6th?


We KNOW you’re going to get a ton of Georgia fundraising messages today, from many worthy organizations. Here’s why ours is different:

Georgia’s deep ties to the domestic worker movement are extremely significant to NDWA; In the 1880s, Black domestic workers went on strike, bringing the city’s white elite to its knees to win better pay. In the 1960s, Atlanta was where the first national domestic workers alliance was born.

The domestic worker movement has made history in Georgia countless times, and we can do it again in December. We plan to hit the ground running — knocking on doors, making calls, and getting people to the polls.


This year, our Georgia We Dream in Black members helped educate and register voters in Fulton, Clayton, Bibb and Peach counties. And over the next few weeks we will work with our partners to ensure that voters in these counties and across the state turn out in record numbers to cast their ballots in December.

Erica — this is an important moment that could impact the future of this country and we’re ready to put in the work. Join us today and rush a donation to help support these efforts.

We can do this,

Civic Engagement Team
National Domestic Workers Alliance