Our partners at the Legal Network for Gender Equity is looking to reach workers who might benefit from their legal services. The network connects individuals to legal support for issues involving sex discrimination, including sex harassment, at work, at school, or when getting health care, and issues related to COVID-19, including problems accessing paid sick days and paid leave.

How Workers Can Access Assistance from the Legal Network for Gender Equity

  • Workers can submit requests for legal help with issues accessing paid sick days and paid childcare leave by filling out the form available on their website. Workers can submit the form in English or Spanish. If workers need access in other languages or need accommodation because of a disability, they can contact [email protected] or call 202-319-3053.
  • Within 10 days, the worker will receive names of attorneys in the Network who practice in their state. Attorneys agree to provide workers a first consultation for free.
  • The worker contacts the attorneys for the free consultation. At this consultation, the worker can explain their situation and seek legal advice and assistance.
  • The attorney is not required to take the person on as a client, although if circumstances warrant it, they often do.
  • The website also contains information about supporting workers facing issues accessing paid leave and related benefits because of COVID-19.

Link to the site with more info and the intake form: https://nwlc.org/legal-assistance/

For additional information about this resource or potential collaboration, please contact Program Manager of the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund and Legal Network for Gender Equity at the

National Women’s Law Center, Sky Sealey at [email protected] or (202) 319-3058.