Invest in Domestic Workers: Donate to "The Future Is Us" Fund today!
Invest in Domestic Workers: Donate to

Invest in Domestic Workers: Donate to "The Future Is Us" Fund today!
Invest in Domestic Workers: Donate to

It is an honor to write to you as the National Domestic Workers Alliance’s new Executive Director.

As the granddaughter of a domestic worker, I do this work for those who came before me. And while I am new to this role, this work isn’t new to me. As NDWA’s former Chief of Staff, I have been proud to help our organization grow to become the largest membership-based alliance of women of color over the last fifteen years.

Building this power is so important because, in 2022, the majority of nannies, housecleaners and care workers still have no benefits, little protections, and huge barriers to holding bad employers accountable. It’s an injustice I’m determined to end, and I want to ask for your help.

In honor of our 15th Anniversary, we’ve created “The Future is Us” Fund. We have set a goal of raising $10,000 by June 15th, so we can announce the result to all our members the next day for International Domestic Workers Day.

Will you help us achieve this ambitious and inspiring goal by making a donation today?

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Growing up, my grandmother would tell me stories of her work, the joys and the difficulties, including sometimes having to bring my father along with her to her jobs. It’s a situation that so many domestic workers I work with continue to face today.

Our members, these lived experiences, and the harsh realities of domestic work are at the heart of the priorities “The Future is Us” Fund will tackle:

  • Building the bench of next generation local leaders by deepening the leadership of domestic workers across the Alliance through political education, trainings, and formal leadership roles.
  • Advancing a bold care economy agenda at the federal level, including winning a National Domestic Worker Bill of Rights, a groundbreaking federal legislation to create strong rights and workplace protections for domestic workers across the country.
  • Continuing the push for bills of rights in more states and cities as part of our ongoing efforts to ensure domestic workers receive the protections they deserve at the federal and local level.
  • Mobilizing women of color to engage in the democratic process and make their voices heard as well as strengthen connections with voters via year-round organizing and programs to contribute to their lasting, ongoing civic engagement.

We demand good-paying jobs, benefits, and protections. These priorities and “The Future is Us” Fund are key to us achieving that demand, and to sustaining our movement to rebuild our communities, our economy, and our democracy.

We’ve got less than 2 weeks to hit our goal of raising $10,000 by June 15th. I hope you will join me in supporting domestic workers by making a donation today.


In gratitude,

Jenn Stowe, Executive Director
National Domestic Workers Alliance