We are so close to winning the largest investment in Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) in history! It’s time for Congress to get in motion. We need EVERYONE to call their Congressperson and urge them to pass the budget reconciliation package with a FULL investment in HCBS.

Whether someone picks up or you leave a voice message, here’s all you have to do:

  1. First, introduce yourself.
  2. Then, say: “I am calling to ask my Congressperson to fully fund home and community-based services through the Build Back Better Act. Everyone who needs care should be able to get it, and home care workers need higher wages.”

CALL 1-855-678-4150

This critical investment would raise wages for care workers — most of whom are women of color — to ensure they’re able to build financial security for themselves and their families and will strengthen our care infrastructure by:

  • creating an estimated 1.1 million new jobs each year over the next decade,
  • including nearly 800,000 care jobs, and
  • ensuring a true, equitable economic recovery for all.

Making a call takes two minutes but has a HUGE impact. Take action TODAY and urge your Congressperson to deliver a reconciliation package with a FULL investment in HCBS.