BREAKING: SCOTUS Decision Harms Women of Color
BREAKING: SCOTUS Decision Harms Women of Color

BREAKING: SCOTUS Decision Harms Women of Color
BREAKING: SCOTUS Decision Harms Women of Color

Reproductive justice and access is our issue.

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With today’s Supreme Court decision in the Jackson Women’s Health Organization (JWHO) case, one of our biggest fears has been made real: the end of Roe v. Wade as we know it.

The Court’s decision ends a half-century federal protection of abortion rights and allows each state to decide whether to restrict or even outright ban abortion.

Let’s be clear: this decision will not end abortions — abortions will remain legal in half of US states. But it will make it more difficult for many Black and Brown women to access the health care they need and deserve, including abortion, unless they have the economic means to travel to a state where these essential services remain legal.

The domestic worker movement — the Black, Brown, Indigenous, and AAPI women who fight for care — is building a society and an economy that cares more about the dignity, safety, and financial health of women — not less. And as a movement of workers who have historically been excluded from fundamental worker rights, we refuse to let our fundamental reproductive rights be taken away.


Our vision for the future has always centered around caring solutions, safety, and economic freedom for women of color. We know that we cannot build an equitable economic future if we do not control our own reproductive futures. That’s why we continue fighting for a world where we all have access to the full range of health care we need to thrive, including abortion.

We will not stand by as the right to abortion healthcare is taken away from us. As an organization that is led by and powered by so many women of color, reproductive justice and access is our issue. And, today, we are calling on Congress to codify Roe v. Wade and recognize our inherent and essential right to health care.

Take action today: sign up for a rally and march in your community and join hundreds of thousands of movement partners and supporters like you as we declare #WeWontGoBack. And remember: we are the architects of our own futures, and like our ancestors before, we will continue to fight for a world where we can all live with the dignity, respect, safety and rights that we are entitled to.