Earlier this year, the Biden administration issued the most comprehensive set of executive actions to improve care in the history of the United States.

Those actions will only turn into real, tangible change after the Department of Labor turns them into concrete rules and regulations, and the person in the role of Secretary of Labor is key.

Right now, there’s a huge fight in the Senate over confirming pro-worker nominee Julie Su, who’s been serving as the Acting Secretary of Labor since March of this year. For domestic workers the consequences are huge.

This is all happening far from the headlines, and we need your help to spread the word: every single person who weighs in can make a huge impression on their Senator’s vote. Share these posts with your social networks to let Senators know they should vote #YesJulieSu.


Julie Su

The Department of Labor plays a pivotal role in implementing the Administration’s executive actions with the Secretary of Labor specifically tasked with creating and publishing materials that will help ensure fair workplaces for domestic workers.

Julie Su’s pro-worker track record is stellar, as is her commitment to immigrant worker communities. In 1995, her work on the case of trafficked garment workers contributed to the creation of critical federal immigration protections for human trafficking victims. And on November 2, Julie Su announced the publication of sample employment agreements, which will empower workers and help give them a voice and security. (Find out more about Julie Su here)

Maybe it’s unsurprising that some Senators are resisting her confirmation. But that also means public pressure from constituents like you is so important, and your support can help tip the balance towards a stronger future for domestic workers.

Help us spread the word and tell your Senators to vote #YesJulieSu by sharing these posts on your social networks.


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