President Biden announces executive actions for care.

Today, our movement made history!

Because of activists and organizers like you, the Biden-Harris Administration announced the most comprehensive set of executive actions to improve care in the history of the United States!

This historic change marks the all-in commitment we need to make sure care jobs are good jobs and that Americans can access care for generations to come.

To bear witness to this historic announcement, National Domestic Workers Alliance members joined care workers, family caregivers, early educators, people with disabilities, veterans, and aging advocates in the Rose Garden at the White House for the signing of the Executive Order.


The White House’s order includes more than 50 directives to federal agencies to utilize existing funding to:

  • Make childcare and home care more affordable
  • Make it easier for caregivers to access federal programs
  • Improve access to care for veterans
  • Ensure care jobs are good jobs
  • Lift up Black, Indigenous, and other women of color who are most affected by the care crisis

The magnitude of these investments cannot be overstated – the Administration is leading us to the once-in-a-generation investments needed to improve the lives of millions, and toward building a more equitable and sustainable care infrastructure in this country.

This historic news comes on a BIG DAY for our movement as we kicked off the inaugural Care Can’t Wait Summit in Washington D.C, and you can watch the livestream of two powerful plenary sessions on the National Domestic Workers Alliance’s Facebook page.

In addition, NDWA, care workers, Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Bob Casey, and more participated in Standing with Care Workers: A Town Hall on the Child and Home Care Worker Crisis in America. You can watch livestream of this event direct from Capitol Hill.


This moment would not have happened without the leadership of domestic workers in our movement, who have fought for years for this kind of transformative action in a better care future for all of us. And, it would not have happened without the powerful organizing and campaigning of dedicated supporters like you.

We’re so full of gratitude. So proud of the movement that we’ve built and the work that we’ll all continue to do together.

It is our hope that today’s promise is inspiration for our country’s decision makers and leaders to prioritize care in all they do.