We have waited long enough. It’s time for Congress to stand up for working class people by passing the Build Back Better bill. This includes better working conditions for homecare workers and permanent protections for all immigrants.

Will you call your Congressperson TODAY and urge them to vote for the Build Back Better Bill? You should call even if you’ve called before…it only takes a few minutes but has a huge impact.

When you call, whether someone picks up or you have to leave a voice message, all you have to do is introduce yourself and then say:

«I am calling to ask my Congressperson to vote in favor of the Build Back Better bill, including lasting protections for immigrants and full funding for home & community-based services. Home care workers and immigrants keep the economy and our communities strong.»

Call 1-844-338-5108

Take action today, and urge your Congress person to pass the Build Back Better plan NOW.