Virginia recently became the 10th state to pass a Domestic Workers Bill of Rights! We couldn’t let this moment pass without congratulating all of the worker organizers, advocates, NDWA staff and our coalition partners for this huge victory. We also want to thank YOU – for all the petitions you signed, letters you sent and calls you made. Together, our collective efforts pushed this important bill over the finished line.

Our Virginia Domestic Workers Bill of Rights builds upon the historic wage protections we passed last year by including domestic workers in workplace harassment protections and Department of Labor health and safety standards. Now more than 60,000 nannies, cleaners and home health care workers will have their labor recognized and their rights protected under Virginia law.

Basic workplace projections are a human right, and every worker should be entitled to fair pay and health and safety standards in their workplace, whether that’s in an office building or in our homes. Passing a Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in each and every state is one of the biggest goals for the domestic workers movement. Supporters like you have stepped up each and every time we’ve asked for your support, and your action has made a huge difference.

Thank you for all that you do,

Alexsis Rodgers
Virginia State Director, National Domestic Workers Alliance