We Are the Future
We Are the Future

NDWA Vision

Our vision for the future is clear – we are leaders of a movement calling for a reimagining of work for all people that allows them the dignity and respect they deserve.

The moment is now. The power is ours. The future is us.

It’s OUR time. We are transforming power and challenging who gets to hold it. Domestic work, rooted in the legacy of slavery and exclusion, is often devalued as “women’s work.” We know the truth and have always seen power where others don’t. Care work is the work that makes all other work possible, and there is no working future or economy without our contributions. We are building a multi-racial movement and investing in women of color leadership – from the domestic workers organizing in their community, to NDWA’s leadership expansion,because we know when we solve for domestic workers, we create a better future for all workers.

We are the architects of a caring economy and the visionaries for a caring future. We are an alliance representing close to 2.2 million domestic workers who are Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, and immigrants, and we plan to continue building out our vision of a just and equitable society and economy. We grow and move because we must – this is what winning for the future looks like.

We believe in women of color leadership at every level. We know what’s possible when women of color lead. Dorothy Lee Bolden started the modern-day domestic workers’ movement more than six decades ago, and we’re continuing her organizing and civic engagement legacy by investing in women of color leadership at all levels. We are confident that our investments in leadership will allow us more opportunities to win major legislative campaigns centering care and ensure we continue to build on our movement for the next 15 years.

Our Time is Now

Invest in domestic workers and help sustain our movement to reimagine a future that we all deserve.