The Future is Us
The Future is Us

The Moment is Now. The Power is Ours.

The Moment is Now. The Power is Ours.

The Future Is Us
The Future Is Us


Celebrating 15 years of NDWA

2022 marks NDWA’s 15th Anniversary and we are taking this moment to acknowledge both the wins, the work, and the people that got us here!

At our National Congress and Celebration in Washington D.C. in September, we will bring our community together to reflect, celebrate, and re-energize for the road ahead.

We Are Leaders

Building NDWA over the last 15 years has been hard and rewarding work – we have been clear on our vision of the future since the beginning, and we are winning. Learn more about the women who have been instrumental in building our movement.

We Are Powerful

Our network of domestic workers — nannies, housecleaners and home care workers — are countering sweeping societal challenges with creativity, innovation and care. We’re daring to ask what is possible when we empower women of color and build a world that allows all people to live with dignity and respect. Learn more about the women that power this movement.

We Are Bold

To mark our anniversary, we are releasing the inaugural issue of Embolden, our new magazine that will provide engaging articles and insights into the intersecting issues domestic workers are solving for.

We Make History

See how we’ve made an impact over the past 15 years. Explore the timeline.

We Are The Future

We are propelling towards the future with ​​big, bold ideas and an ambitious agenda. Learn more about our vision.

Our Time is Now

Invest in domestic workers and help sustain our movement to reimagine a future that we all deserve.