Mariana Viturro

Deputy Director

Mariana has been an organizer in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 12 years, and has experienced first-hand the potential of working-class immigrant women to advance movements for immigrant and workers’ rights. Mariana brings strong organizational development skills to the NDWA, as well as a commitment to creating a culture of support, accountability, and solidarity within women of color led organizations.

As Deputy Director, Mariana will utilize both the organizing and operations skills she has developed through her work at a number of organizations. As Co-Director of Saint Peter’s Housing in San Francisco, Mariana ensured the organization’s financial stability, built alliances and coalitions, and guided a programmatic transition from service provision to direct action organizing. Through this transition, she collaborated with others to develop the organizing skills of staff, provide direction and coordination for campaigns, facilitate member political education, and innovate the organization’s new base-building model. As Transitions Director for Just Cause::Causa Justa, Mariana facilitated the merger of two grassroots groups while building staff communications plans to ensure the creation of a cohesive whole. In her years as a housing, immigrant rights, and anti-racism organizer, Mariana has facilitated participatory processes for developing campaign issues and demands, strategy and tactics. Mariana is also an accomplished Spanish-English interpreter who is able to build strong multiracial and multi-lingual alliances.