We did it -- California Senate Passes Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

A mother & domestic worker at the August 21st Rally in Sacramento says domestic workers should have rights

We did it!

Last night, the California Domestic Worker Bill of Rights passed in the State Senate, and is headed to the governor's desk. The largest state in the country is one signature away from providing long-overdue respect and recognition to the 250,000 domestic workers who care for children, houses, and elders.

But we still need make sure that Governor Jerry Brown will sign it. Will you take a minute to sign our petition to Governor Brown? Click here to sign. It just takes a moment and your signature will help send a clear message to the Governor that California is ready to make history!

For 74 years, domestic workers have been denied the basic labor protections most workers take for granted in our country. Generations ago, when the Fair Labor Standards Act was passed guaranteeing American workers the right to minimum wage, overtime and a day of rest each week, domestic workers were excluded from those basic protections. At the time, domestic work wasn’t considered “real work”.

Today, we know that domestic work is real work — from New York to California, we know it’s the work that makes all other work possible. It’s time to put an end to 74 years of exclusion and extend dignity, respect, and basic labor protections to domestic workers across the nation.

Thank you for your support!