NYT Op-Ed: "Stop With the Us vs.Them Approach" to immigration

NDWA Director Ai-jen Poo published an op-ed on immigration on nytimes.com's "Room for Debate" yesterday, pointing out that our nation cannot afford to take an "Us vs. Them" approach to immigration:

Today’s American family includes people from all different nationalities and descent. We are already deeply connected across lines of race, class and generation. We are interdependent, not just economically, but through caring relationships. As people live longer, and the boomer generation continues to turn 65 at a rate of a person every 8 seconds, we will only become more dependent on one another to ensure our loved ones receive the care, support and services they need. Even the proponents of anti-immigrant state legislation in Texas created an exception for domestic workers for fear of losing their caregivers and housekeepers to deportation.

Read the whole op-ed at nytimes.com.