NDWA Director: Aging boomers need health care law


NDWA Director Ai-jen Poo's editorial about the Affordable Care Act appeared on CNN.com this morning

Regardless of how the Supreme Court rules on health care reform, the justices have one thing in common, and one thing in common with a growing cohort of Americans: They are aging.

America faces an unprecedented wave of aging as members of the iconic baby boomer generation turn 65. This year alone, 4 million Americans will join the growing ranks of senior citizens. The Affordable Care Act strengthened the Medicare system that this growing senior population relies on.

Health care reform reduces the cost of prescription drugs, brings down costs for patients using private Medicare supplements and increases access to free preventative services. The Affordable Care Act makes health care more affordable for senior citizens and ensures that doctors are compensated fairly for their services.

While Medicare certainly needs adjusting, if the law is overturned, the challenges of Medicare financing will only get worse.

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