More News Coverage of HOME ECONOMICS

We are thrilled at all of the coverage that our new report, Home Economics: The Invisible and Unregulated World of Domestic Work is getting. Here is a list of everything we've seen so far:

New York Times: A Study of Home Help Finds Low Worker Pay, by Steven Greenhouse

Wall Street Journal: Bad Backs, Lost Wages, Little Security: A Snapshot of Domestic Workers by Lauren Weber

The Nation: When Domestic Workers Suffer, our Economy Suffers, by Bryce Covert

CNN: The invisible world of domestic work: Report documents abuses, by Moni Basu

FOX NEWS Latino: Most household workers are undocumented and abused

AFLCIO Blog: Groundbreaking Study on Domestic Workers Finds Widespread Mistreatment and Systemic Low Pay, by Jennifer Angarita

MSNBC — the Ed Show, New Report Brings Domestic Work Conditions out of the Shadows, by Ned Resnikoff

Progress Illinois: Domestic Workers Face Many Hardships, Report Finds, by Steven Ross Johnson

Politic365: Excluded from Labor Laws, Domestic Workers Left Vulnerable to Exploitation and Abuse, by Adriana Maestas

GAWKER: Domestic Workers Need a Union, by Hamilton Nolan

Colorlines: Immigration Status, Race, Affect Domestic Workers Pay, by Julianne Hing

Daily Kos: Nearly a Quarter of Domestic Workers Paid less than Minimum Wage, by Laura Clawson

Strong Families Blog: Making Domestic Workers Visible

Think Progress: Without Labor Protections, Domestic Workers Earn Low Wages And Receive No Benefits, by Travis Waldron

New York Daily News: Nannies are Underpaid and Overworked, Nationwide Survey Finds, by Erica Pearson

RH Reality Check: Domestic Workers Rights Movement Picking Up Steam Despite Recent California Defeat, by Sheila Bapat

Truthout: Report: America's Domestic Workers Raise Kids, Care for Seniors, Run Households Without Benefits, Protections or a Living Wage By Mike Ludwig

San Francisco Examiner: Domestic worker report details widespread abuses in the industry, by Max Pringle

Bill Moyers: Inside the Invisible World of Domestic Work: An Interview with Ai-jen Poo by Lauren Feeney

All Media New York: Fast Food Workers Strike in New York City, by Vania Andre

Univision 14 Video: Trabajadoras domésticas sin derecho laboral

HolaCiudad: Las empleadas domésticas son en su mayoría indocumentadas y víctimas de abuso

Univision: Protestan trabajadoras domésticas por derechos laborales en NY