Home Care is Real Work

OLA members in Miami for National Day of Action

The National Domestic Workers Alliance visits senators nation-wide to call for changes to unjust labor exclusions!

From Los Angeles to Boston, the National Domestic Workers Alliance is here for home care workers!  

We visited the senate offices of senators across the nation for our National Day of Action on Friday September 21st.   

We told our senators: 

Home care workers make it possible for millions of seniors and people with disabilities to live with dignity in their homes.  It’s time for home care workers to be treated with dignity and respect.  

Home care worker Maria Reyes told her senator: "It's urgent that these new regulations are enacted. As home care workers we do our work with love and dedication. Our work should be valued."

For too long the work of those who care for our most vulnerable family members, friends, and neighbors has not been recognized or valued. Home care workers like Maria are denied the basic wage protections so many of us take for granted.

All our voices, together, sent a clear message to Congress — we support basic wage protections for home care workers and we’re ready for change.

Home care workers in Houston for National Day of ActionSenator Gildebrands Office New YorkBoston DelegationSenate Visit in LA for National Day of Action

The National Domestic Workers Alliance in action on Friday from Miami, to Houston, to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston and New York!