Governor Vetoes Domestic Worker Bill, but We Are In It for the Long Haul

Governor Brown vetoed the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights on Sunday. His decision is not the one we wanted, but it does not shake our commitment to winning in California or building a national movement. Even in the face of setbacks like this one, our movement for dignity, respect, and labor protections for domestic workers grows stronger. We know that our work to make the world a more just place for domestic workers — and for all of us — is the work of a lifetime. And one Governor’s poor decision will not derail us.

"It is a huge disappointment that Governor Brown chose not to recognize the people caring for California’s families and homes as real workers,” said Sylvia Lopez, a worker with the California Domestic Workers Coalition, sponsor of the bill. “For decades we have tirelessly cared for California’s homes, children, the elderly, and people with disabilities without the protection of basic rights. Tonight, Governor Brown has done a tremendous disservice to thousands of domestic workers, their families, and the people they care for.”

"Governor Brown missed an opportunity to prove himself as a leader in civil rights by ensuring that the people caring for California's children, people with disabilities and the elderly no longer have to go without proper sleep or meals,” said Assembly Member Tom Ammiano, sponsor of the bill. “His veto sets back labor rights in California supported by hundreds of thousands of California’s Latinos, domestic workers, and community leaders. As long as these exclusions continue, so will our pursuit for justice.”

As Dr. King reminds, our journey towards justice is a long one. Even as we regroup in California, we are organizing in states across the nation to win dignity, respect, and labor protections for domestic workers — and we plan to introduce domestic worker bills of rights legislation in at least two more states next year.

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