Domestic Workers Making News and Making History

Domestic Workers and Allies Meet with Senator Alquist's StaffThis past week, as the movie “The Help” has opened to successful box office and significant controversy, the current struggles of domestic workers — todays “Help” — have received widespread attention.

In addition to the coverage we summarized last week, the movie has prompted articles about domestic workers' current organizing in the Houston Chronicle, In These Times and the American Prospect — and a guest commentary by Grecia Lima of the California Domestic Workers Coalition at Women's eNews.

Domestic workers in California, fighting to pass the country's second Domestic Worker Bill of Rights, made visits to the movie part of their week of action and received coverage from the SF Weekly, SJbeez and Balitang America/ABS-CBN.

NDWA and our new video “Meet Today's Help” were also mentioned at, carol jenkins:media, Daily Kos Labor, and Dr. Pop.  And Barbara Ehrenreich, in a commentary on CNN commemorating the tenth anniversary of her book “Nickel and Dimed,” in which she worked as a domestic worker, said:

Even the most isolated and "invisible" workers -- nannies and maids -- are organizing themselves into a National Domestic Workers Alliance. As anyone in these groups could you tell: We don't just need more jobs, we need more jobs that treat employees like humans and pay what you could actually live on.

Watch “Filipino Caregivers Fight for Workers Rights” on Balitang America: