When services allow organising, trafficked workers win

Emergency rooms, social security offices, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement outposts consigned into strip malls: places that manage to be dreary and fluorescent at the same time. A decade ago, on any given day of the week, I’d be bringing an abused domestic worker through some new round of administrative hoop-jumping in one of these places so she could be classified and serviced as a ‘victim of human trafficking’. But was any of this really making a difference? It took me a few years on the job to figure it out.

The National Domestic Workers Alliance Applauds White House Proposals for More Portable and Accessible Retirement Benefits for All Workers

Media Contact: Marzena Zukowska, Earned Media Strategist
c: 708.990.0389

Washington, DC — The National Domestic Workers Alliance applauds today’s White House announcement to make retirement benefits as mobile as today’s workforce.

Uber Drivers and Others in the Gig Economy Take a Stand

Last September, Dallas-area drivers for UberBlack, the company’s high-end car service, received an email informing them that they would be expected to start picking up passengers on UberX, its low-cost option.

The Sharing Economy Is Labor’s Next Hope

When Uber, Lyft, Handy, and a handful of other companies funded by venture capital began earning huge amounts of money after investing in the informal economy, it was because they understood a simple equation. In exchange for providing the name, job site, and payment for a given task—automated through a proprietary algorithm—an independent contractor would agree, in turn, to provide a service and hand over a sometimes-sizeable commission for the privilege of working.

The Values Revolution: Embedding Empathy in the New Economy

Much has been written about how our economy is changing, particularly in light of the digital revolution. This economy is defined by entirely new ways of organizing and working together, by an energizing sense of possibility, and by a seemingly insatiable thirst for problem solving.

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder: Obama Overlooked Black Women

The president’s State of the Union address failed to address our issues

Tuesday night, I sat as the guest of Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) at President Obama’s final State of the Union. I waited for him to discuss or even announce a plan to address the needs of black people in America—especially black cisgender and transgender women and black immigrant women, who continue to be overlooked, underpaid, undervalued and in the midst of continual attacks on our lives.

I was deeply disappointed, and, unfortunately, not surprised.

National Domestic Workers Alliance Announces 2016 Expansion of Beyond Survival Anti-Trafficking Campaign


Media Contact: Marzena Zukowska, Earned Media Strategist
c: 708.990.0389

Obama has ignored black women. Will his last State of the Union change that?

The president is running out of time to meaningfully address the dire circumstances of black women and girls.

Announcing the Beyond Survival Fund

On January 11th, 2016, the National Domestic Workers Alliance will proudly launch the Beyond Survival Fund, an emergency fund for domestic worker survivors of human trafficking in our membership. This fund will provide urgent financial relief to help survivors rebuild their lives and to ensure their voices are included in advocacy.

I am (wo)man

Across the world, 53 million people, over 80 per cent of them women, are employed as domestic workers. Their work helps economies grow, advances the participation of women in the workplace and provides crucial care for millions of dependents. Every day they cook, clean, look after the elderly, help children with homework, performing vital roles in keeping households and communities running.