This is an exciting month for us

This is an exciting month for us, as we prepare to welcome new staff, launch new work, and fully implement our membership and leadership processes.  We invite you to join us for some of our activities, and find new ways to plug in and be involved in the chapter.

Monthly Calendar

August 8-13:  NDWA Summer Break (OFFICE CLOSED)

August 20:  Monthly Member Meeting 10 am - 12 pm

August 25:  Leadership Committee Meeting

We Belong Together Vows to Continue the Fight for Humane Immigration Policies

Media Contact: Marzena Zukowska

Supreme Court’s Split Decision Erroneously Maintains the Block on President Obama’s Executive Actions on Immigration

The New Economy and Its Discontents: Low-Wage Workers Propose a Good Work Code for Silicon Valley

By some estimates, as many as 53 million people living in the United States are now self-employed. Many work as independent contractors or freelancers, hired and fired at the click of an app.

With flexibility comes a measure of freedom but also of insecurity; a measure of independence but also of isolation. Digital sector workers may not stand on a speeding production line or operate deadly machines, but they still can still face danger on the job. Subjective feedback or "ratings" systems are open to abuse.

Orange Is the New Black Star: Immigration Raids Must Stop

Guerrero is an actor, the author of In The Country We Love, and a supporter of the We Belong Together campaign

National Domestic Workers Alliance Stands with Au Pair Fighting For Her Life


Read more about Edna’s case in the Washington Post

Media Contact: Marzena Zukowska

c: 708.990.0389 | @MarzenaZukowska

Connecticut Senators Consider Amendment to Exclude Au Pairs from Basic Labor Protections

Media Contact: Marzena Zukowska
c: 708.990.0389 | @MarzenaZukowska

Domestic Worker Activists Stand with Low-Wage Foreign Childcare Workers and Urge Senate Opposition to Amendment

**Interviews with au pairs available upon request**

Chicago’s Domestic Workers Make Headway in Springfield This Week, Lobbying for State’s First Bill of Rights

Media Contact: Marzena Zukowska

Meet The Gig Economy Companies That See Investing In Workers As A Smart Business Strategy

Evan Bochner is part of what’s often dubbed the “on-demand economy” or the “gig economy,” the growing collection of app-based startups providing services to clients at the click of a button. The 27-year-old handyman works 30 to 40 hours a week for the New York City-based office cleaning and maintenance company. He does everything from assembling desks, shelves and chairs to unclogging toilets, painting and electrical work.

#31Days of Feminism: Ai-jen Poo

What do you love the most about the work you do?

When services allow organising, trafficked workers win

Emergency rooms, social security offices, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement outposts consigned into strip malls: places that manage to be dreary and fluorescent at the same time. A decade ago, on any given day of the week, I’d be bringing an abused domestic worker through some new round of administrative hoop-jumping in one of these places so she could be classified and serviced as a ‘victim of human trafficking’. But was any of this really making a difference? It took me a few years on the job to figure it out.