We Were Never Meant to Survive: A Response to the Attack in Charleston

NDWA Special Projects Diretcor Alicia Garza has written a powerful response to the attack in Charleston at

We, as a country, in the face of even more Black lives taken way before their time, have a choice to make. It is no longer a question of whether or not racism exists, nor is it a question of whether or not racism is an epidemic that plagues our very existence. The choice we have to make is whether or not we are willing to take it on in a real way.

Our lives, quite literally, depend on it.

Oregon becomes fifth state to pass domestic worker bill of rights

On Thursday, Oregon became the fifth state to sign a "domestic workers bill of rights" into law.

Senate Bill 552, the Oregon Domestic Workers' Protection Act, puts in place workplace protections for domestic workers such as house cleaners, housekeepers and nannies working in private homes. The provisions include overtime pay, periods of rest, paid personal time and protection against harassment.

Oregon's domestic workers gain labor protections as Gov. Kate Brown signs new law

Nannies, housekeepers and home cleaners gained new workplace protections this week when Gov. Kate Brown signed the Oregon Domestic Workers' Bill of Rights into law.

The governor signed Senate Bill 552 on Wednesday extending provisions for overtime pay, rest periods, paid personal time off and protections against sexual harassment and retaliation to an estimated 10,000 domestic workers in Oregon.

Oregon Becomes 5th State to Pass Bill of Rights for Domestic Workers

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Governor Brown to sign SB 552 into law today, ending 77 years of exclusion

Salem, OR  - June 17, 2015

Nannies And Housekeepers See Workplace Progress, Finally Granted Days Off And Overtime

Oregon recently joined a handful of states that have committed to granting nannies and housekeepers overdue basic human rights.

Bill Clinton signing Fair Care Pledge

The National Domestic Workers Alliance and Hand in Hand are launching a national Fair Care Pledge initiative with, which will ask the company's over 6 million employer users to become fair domestic employers by providing a living wage, paid time off and clear expectations. The pledge will go out to 1 million of their users on June 10. They will also provide families with tools and resources to meet those obligations. They unveiled it at the Clinton Global Initiative and the Former President Bill Clinton recognized the Fair Care Pledge.

Big Wins For The People Who Clean Our Homes And Care For Our Children

Last week, domestic workers — those who care for children and clean inside people’s homes — won two surprise victories securing more rights in Connecticut and Oregon.

Domestic Worker Groups Announce Alliance At Clinton Global Initiative Conference

WASHINGTON -- The growing social movement advocating for domestic workers and, which calls itself the world's largest online care marketplace, will announce a new partnership Wednesday afternoon at the Clinton Global Initiative America conference in Denver.

How to pay the help

A huge job site is partnering with a domestic worker advocacy group to educate families on what's fair.

A few Decembers ago, a busy attorney named Julie Kay was running around buying gifts and planning holiday travel with family, coordinating schedules for the women she employed to help out with her ailing mother and infant daughter. While putting together her holiday cards, it hit her that she’d forgotten something.

Victory! Connecticut Domestic Worker Bill Passes the House

Last night, the state of Connecticut took a giant first step forward for domestic workers in their state by passing the Connecitcut Domestic Worker Bill in the state house of representatives. Now it's off to Governor Malloy to sign into law!

The Connecticut Domestic Worker Bill will provide discrimination and harassment protections at companies who employ three or more domestic workers. This bill not only creates protections for a vulnerable workforce, but affirms that sexual harassment and discrimination will not be tolerated in any industry.