Two NDWA Staff Recognized Among "14 Women of Color Who Rocked 2014"

3, 4 & 5: Even if you don’t recognize the names of Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi, you’ve no doubt experienced the hashtag-turned-movement these three queer women created: #BlackLivesMatter.

US domestic and home care workers show how to make social change happen

The National Domestic Workers Alliance has made huge gains for the low paid, excluded from employment protections – and its vision could inspire others.

Labor's new reality -- it's easier to raise wages for 100,000 than to unionize 4,000

Blocked from unionizing workplaces by ferocious management opposition and laws that fail to keep union activists from being fired, unions have begun to focus on raising wages and benefits for many more workers than they can ever expect to claim as their own. In one sense, this is nothing new: Unions historically have supported minimum wage and occupational safety laws that benefited all workers, not just their members. But they also have recently begun investing major resources in organizing drives more likely to yield new laws than new members.

Thank a Worker This Holiday Season

This month, many families will not cook their meals for the holidays. Rather, they will have domestic workers prepare their meals, clean their homes and help their children prepare for celebrations.

Numerous professionals depend on domestic workers to take care of their homes, cook their food and assist their children and parents in order to fulfill their own careers and enjoy their free time.

Chicago Will Raise Its Minimum Wage to $13, and No Longer Exempt Nannies

On Tuesday, Chicago's city council voted to raise the city's minimum wage from $8.25 an hour to $13 an hour by 2019. The move is a boon to all low wage workers, but especially domestic workers, specifically nannies, because the council also closed a loophole that had previously exempted domestic workers from the law.

Meet the BART-stopping woman behind “Black Lives Matter”

Last Friday, I found myself trapped in a BART station in San Francisco, listening to an announcement that all train traffic into and out of Oakland was suspended due to “civil insurrection.” Because we live in the future, I was able to sit there, underground, and read about what was happening.

Crafting A Bill To Protect Domestic Workers, And Employers

HARTFORD – Carla Goyes believed working as a nanny was a noble calling. "Caring for a child ... is not just a job but a contribution to the world, is a way of influencing people by bonding, building a close relationship,'' she said.

But Goyes, who lives in Cos Cob, said she walked away from a job she loved after her employer piled on responsibilities. "The job was being changed from a nanny job to a combination of personal assistant, chef, housekeeper, personal driver, even dry cleaning service. As my view of this job was changing, I was feeling taking advantage of,'' she said.

We Will Not Rest Until Our Children Are Safe

Mothers Stand Together In Wake of Grand Jury’s Failure to Press Charges Against Police Officer Darren Wilson

For Immediate Release
Contact: Rosana Reyes,, (415) 505-2510

Activists Applaud Executive Action on Immigration, But It's Not Enough

Immigration is a women's issue. It is a family issue. Women in communities across the country are affected by U.S. immigration policies that undermine their and their families' well-being.