National Domestic Workers Alliance Director, Ai-jen Poo, Named Top 15 World’s Greatest Leaders by Fortune Magazine

As the leader of one of the most significant new forces in organized labor, Ai-jen Poo has become the foremost advocate for living wages and health care benefits for the often ignored and underpaid nannies, housekeepers, and other at-home caregivers all over the country.” –

(New York, NY)— Fortune Magazine named Ai-jen Poo, director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA), to the 2015 World’s Greatest Leaders List, the magazine’s annual list of the most influential in the world.

New law provides protection for domestic workers

A law set to take effect April 1 includes new rules for those who employ the state’s estimated 67,000 domestic workers — a part of the labor force that until now has lacked some of the protections that other workers­ take for granted.

Au pairs provide cheap childcare. Maybe illegally cheap

When Johana Paola Beltran graduated from high school in Bogota, Colombia, she learned about a program that would send her to the United States to become an au pair — a live-in nanny. An au pair sponsor agency, InterExchange, sold her on the idea that she would be learning about a new culture and matched her with a family in Highlands Ranch, a posh suburb of Denver. She was excited: The host family’s house had a gym; she would have access to a car; and she planned to take classes and improve her English. It even seemed worth paying out of pocket for the whole process: a $2,500 fee.

At UN Conference, Domestic Workers Push for International Labor Standards

Between March 9 and March 20, member states and global NGOs gathered at the United Nations (UN) Headquarters in New York City to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and the Platform for Action, the key international policy document aiming to achieve gender equality.

California Home Care Tribunal

Care workers have been excluded from labor protections since the 1930s, and today face poverty in spite of the fact that many work round-the-clock to care for clients and loved ones. Join care workers from across California as they put the State on trial Thursday March 19th at 12:30PM Pacific/3:30PM Eastern.

The global plight of domestic workers: few rights, little freedom, frequent abuse

An estimated 53 million people, mostly women, are employed as domestic workers in private households around the world.

While domestic workers are now considered crucial to the smooth running of national economies, as a workforce they remain one of the most vulnerable to exploitation, abuse and modern-day slavery.

Human rights campaigners have catalogued a litany of exploitation faced by domestic workers at the hands of their employers, including forced labour, rape, daily beatings and being forced to work long hours with no breaks.

How to Solve the Looming Care Deficit: Author Ai-Jen Poo says taking care of home care workers is a first step

The number of Americans needing at-home care will increase dramatically as baby boomers age. By the year 2035, there are expected to be 11.5 million people over age 85 in the U.S., compared to 5 million today.

A large number of people won't have the resources to pay for this care unless something changes. Add to this a shortage of home health care workers and underfunded social programs for the elderly, and a perfect storm is on the way.

Ai-jen Poo, Still Alice and the “Care Revolution”

“In the darkest of times, you can always find incredible oases of connection, of care and of love,” said Still Alice director Wash Westmorelandto an intimate gathering of some of Hollywood’s most inspiring artists and creative leaders at Soho House in West Hollywood last Monday.

International Domestic Workers Federation Presents at UN: Organizing for Women Migrants' Rights

For the next two weeks, the United Nations will be the central site for any effort to address gender equality as world governments attend the Commission on the Status of Women: Implementing the Beijing Platform of 1995. At the events, domestic workers from multiple countries will push for adoption of international labor standards and labor projections for domestic workers as central components of any plan for women’s rights in the next twenty years.

In a rare opportunity, representatives of the International Domestic Worker Federation, a global network formed in 2006 representing the 53 million member workforce with 47 affiliates in 43 countries, will take the stage at the historic event to speak to the phenomena of forced labor and common abuse within domestic and care work.

Domestic Workers from Across Globe Take action for Inclusion at United Nations Women’s Summit

Twenty years ago, at the 4th World Conference on Women in Beijing, the UN Commission on the Status of Women adopted action oriented recommendations to achieve women’s equality across the world.

Two decades later, governments are coming together again to assess world progress towards women’s equality at the Commission on the Status of Women: Implementing the Beijing Platform at the UN in New York from March 9-20th.