Beyond Survival

domestic worker trafficking protest

Human trafficking is a violation of human rights.

"My employers held my passport, prevented me from leaving the home alone, and forced me to sleep in the room with the baby rather than having my own bed. They paid me far less than I was promised when I left my home country, they told me that immigration police would come arrest me if I tried to leave." 

These are some of the most common things our member organizations have heard from domestic worker trafficking survivors over the years.

In 2013, NDWA along with our member anchor organizations who had already been active in human trafficking work, Damayan, Adhikaar, and Casa de Maryland, launched our Beyond Survival campaign to build survivor leadership and promote a community organizing approach to ending human trafficking. The campaign seeks to survivors of labor trafficking to become agents of change, bring their stories and voices into the main arenas of the trafficking debate that have historically been devoid of any discussion of workers’ rights, and develop a vision for transformative change.

We call our campaign "Beyond Survival," as an indication that we are ready to move beyond the narrative of victimization, and towards true transformation and survivor-led advocacy and policy change in the US and around the world.